Thesis7.5 out of10 (worst is 0)based on26954 ratings.

Me llamo Ángela. Me van a matar. [English Tagline: My name is Angela. They’re going to kill me.]

Year: 1996
Country: Spain
Release date: 12 April 1996
Genres: Mystery, Thriller
Stars: Ana Torrent, Fele Martínez, Eduardo Noriega, Xabier Elorriaga, Miguel Picazo
Directors: Alejandro Amenábar
Runtime: 125min
Plot: While doing a thesis about violence, Ángela finds a snuff video where a girl is tortured until death. Soon she discovers that the girl was a former student in her faculty…
MPAA Rating: R
User Rating: 7.5/10 based on 26954 votes.


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