Wallace and Gromit in A Close Shave8.3 out of10 (worst is 0)based on19993 ratings.

From the Oscar-winning creator of A Grand Day Out and The Wrong Trousers.

Year: 1995
Country: UK
Release date: 7 March 1996
Genres: Animation, Short, Comedy, Crime, Family
Stars: Peter Sallis, Anne Reid
Directors: Nick Park
Runtime: 30min
Plot: Wallace falls for Wendolene, a wool shop owner, while Gromit is framed for the sheep rustling.
User Rating: 8.3/10 based on 19993 votes.


When Wallace and Gromit go over to wash windows, Wallace falls in love with a wool store owner named Wendolene. Meanwhile, Gromit is framed for killing sheep and is put in jail. So with help from the sheep and Wendolene, Wallace must get him out of prison.

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